Course Design

Our Process

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Building a GREAT training course always starts with the end* in mind.

Course Design with Haland Learning Inc. involves 5 steps:

1. Identify the goal
2. Determine learning objectives

3. Determine assessment requirements

4. Fill between Step 2 and 3 with content / learning activities

5. Test run, fix, repeat until ready

*end refers to the final goal of training.

While "compliance" and "because they need it" are most commonly used, these are not effective goals when designing training courses.

A well-designed course MUST have a clear goal (1), along with critically selected learning objectives (2). These two items make the rest of the course design relatively simple, and can result in an course that's compliant AND engaging for all involved.

Online or In-Person?

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We can do both. We have designed online learning before, yet most of our experience is related to In-Person training.

Courses we've designed

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  • COR External (safety) Auditor
  • COR Internal (safety) Auditor
  • Fall Protection Trainer
  • Fall Protection User
  • How to Make Meetings NOT Suck
  • Incident Investigations
  • Joint Safety Committee Training
  • Safety Leadership
  • Safety Management software training
  • Time tracking software training
  • Workplace Inspections

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