Training is awesome!

At least... it CAN be.

We are 100% dedicated to creating great training experiences for participants, clients, and even the instructors

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Our Story

Cam (founder) has been an adult instructor since 1999, and a professional Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Consultant since 2006.

In starting Haland Learning, he's combined his experience with OHS, and LOVE of learning design / delivery to bring engaging training to the marketplace.

Training is an Adventure

Adventures are great because:

  • There is a sense of the unexpected
  • There is a challenge to overcome
  • You are affected as a result

We think of training as an adventure, and want the experience to be more meaningful and affective than just "sitting through another session".

Our Mission

We work with organizations and instructor candidates to develop and deliver engaging training, while elevating the training industry as a whole.

We’re setting a new standard where students EXPECT training to be a good experience.


Course Design & Training Facilitation

"BCCSA has worked with Cam on a number of projects and initiatives. He's been instrumental in developing our TCP training and has played a big part in implementing a QA system for our COR auditor program. My personal experience is that he's forthcoming, to the point, efficient and timely in his execution on projects. Pleasure to work with. Would do it again without hesitation."

Mike McKenna, Executive Director (BC Construction Safety Alliance)

Instructor Training

"We spent a week training with Cameron and not only did we come out knowing more, but had fun while doing it.

I can't say enough about his professionalism, and how he made everyone feel comfortable while sticking to an intense week long Instructor Training course. We would definitely recommend this company to anyone."

Dennis Hannam, Owner (Strictly Flagging Training Agency)

Course Design & Training Facilitation

"I had the pleasure of working with Cameron for over 8 years at the BCCSA, collaborating on several projects related to instructional design, instructor training, and quality assurance.

My team uses the following words to describe him: creative, energetic, solutions-oriented and motivated- with great communication skills!

Cameron expertly addressed each project goal demonstrating a clear understanding of our needs as his client. I was particularly impressed by his ability to take on a subject matter of which he had little knowledge. He took the time to clearly outline learning objectives, simplify complex ideas within the course content, and develop instructional material of high quality.'

Urvi Ramdsoondar, Director, Health and Safety Services (BC Construction Safety Alliance)

Course Design & Training Facilitation

"...I had selected Cameron Hacault to facilitate the development and delivery of a Supervisory Training Session that would be compliant with the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program and would meet our internal needs. Through his direction, we designed this custom training session as a team and it was a pleasure to work with someone who was organized, prompt, professional, and courteous. 

He has the unique ability to revolutionize the design and delivery of custom training that engages the students to actively learn and apply the training objectives. His instruction and teaching style grabs the attention of the class in a way that promotes learning."

Perry Harvey, Safety Advisor (Mott Electric)

Course Design & Training Facilitation

"...From the start of this training development process, Cameron asked about our specific needs, and met with staff at various locations to get their store-level feedback. 

The end result consisted of Cameron delivering a great 4-hour workshop to audiences ranging from 75 – 180 people.

The training was engaging for all involved, created a genuine sense of teamwork among our committee members and most importantly, served as a platform for committee priorities over the next 12 months."

Jesse Santos, OHS Manager (Thrifty Foods)

Fall Protection Training

"...Cam has a way of captivating peoples attention and involving them into a conversation that many trainers strive to have. When I asked my employees how the training went the feedback was great, they were excited to attend and not bored from listening to a monotone voice all day. I highly recommend Cam for his amazing ability to teach and engage students , and his general care in helping someone out."

Chris Rigden (Ralmax Group of Companies)

Safety Committee Training

"...Cameron came in and delivered one day of targeted training to our committee, helped us with other 'safety-related' issues throughout the day and provided us with a solid foundation of systems and personal confidence for our committee in regards to going forward.

If we were asked, KGHM International would recommend the services of Cameron Hacault to anyone requiring this service."

Juan Anes (KGHM International)

Instructor Training

"He brought a level of professionalism and knowledge that was able to keep all his future train the trainers engaged and become vey knowledgeable in teaching this curriculum from a array of knowledge levels within his classes to ensure their future students safety on site.

His knowledge in not only the technical aspect but techniques in teaching adult learners is invaluable."

Mike Healy (Island Westcoast Developments Ltd

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